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For the love of Indian food, with Sasi Krishnan - Mindful Meets #67

December 04, 2023 Lori Weber
The Mindful Eating Clinic
For the love of Indian food, with Sasi Krishnan - Mindful Meets #67
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Show Notes

Be inspired by this Mindful Meets.  Reconnect with the love of cooking and preparing your food by hearing how Sasi talks about the importance of her Indian culinary heritage.  You'll want to learn more about her cooking and fall in love with food again - so many of us with a diet history have lost that, haven't we?

Sasi Krishnan is originally from Chennai, India, and now lives with her family in Thatcham, Berkshire.   Her Business is called “Sasi Samyal” – “Samyal “means in the south Indian language of Tamil means “Cooking”. 

She brings a strong passion for mindful cooking to others with Indian Cookery classes and healthy alternative recipes, utilising local ingredients as well as traditional spices. 

She also shares brilliant, tasty healthy dishes, knowledge, and tips to prepare and enjoy traditional dishes, many made using fresh local produce. 

She believes cooking is for all and a skill that everyone should.  She currently teaches at Honesty Cookery school and at Brockhurst and Marlston Preparatory School.  She loves working with children.

 “My passion is cooking delicious and healthy food. Traditional recipes give me a basis from which to explore local ingredients and inspire healthy eating. It is never a surprise that children will eat vegetables when they are well prepared.  Inventive cooking. Passion for food. Injecting healthy alternatives without sacrificing brilliant flavour.  I believe in empowering individuals in the kitchen which help them make informed decision on food and can cook with confidence.

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