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Anxiety, panic and rebuilding my life, with Nicola Mercer - Mindful Meets #64

October 27, 2023 Lori Weber
The Mindful Eating Clinic
Anxiety, panic and rebuilding my life, with Nicola Mercer - Mindful Meets #64
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Show Notes

This Mindful Meets with Nicola Mercer is a really open conversation about experiences with anxiety and panic, poor sef-esteem and how the impact of all these changed Nicola's professional and personal life.   I really enjoyed understanding more about how debilitating anxiety can be.  Her story is also inspirational as we hear how she has turned her life around to help others improve their mental and physical health.

Nicola is now a transformational health coach helping female business owners and those working in corporate to feel confident and know their self-worth using her success framework of mindset, movement, nutrition, sleep and stress. As a certified health coach and qualified personal trainer with over twenty years of expertise in one of the world's largest sports brands, she combines her corporate leadership experience with her own journey of living with mental and physical health challenges to support others to build sustainable healthy habits to thrive in life.

Nicola is driven to change the narrative of what being healthy is really about to help normalise a healthy lifestyle for families, and ensure our kids grow up valuing themselves to live with health and happiness.

She believes that living a great life and feeling happy results from how you value yourself and take care of your mind, body and soul.

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