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Get out of your head. Unsquashing yourself with Trisha Lewis - Mindful Meets - #46

September 26, 2022 Trisha Lewis Season 3 Episode 46
The Mindful Eating Clinic
Get out of your head. Unsquashing yourself with Trisha Lewis - Mindful Meets - #46
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Show Notes

Trisha Lewis is fired up and forensic about human communication! She is also on an 'unsquashing' mission. 

As a professional communicator with decades of experience as an actor, speaker, entertainer, interviewer and facilitator, Trisha is equally at home on a stage as she is behind a podcast mic or holding her one to one coaching sessions.

As a speaker, her engaging conversational style puts the host and audience at ease instantly and she has a story to bring each of her insights to life - she 'makes it real'.

As a coach, Trisha empowers small business owners to find, own and show their ‘unsquashed self’ - released from the ‘shoulds’ and ‘self-doubt spirals’ and putting more of themselves into their message and content to gain trust, become quotable and feel good!

Trisha pulls on her life and business-growing experiences, along with common themes in her client work, to ensure her written and spoken resources resonate. This includes her popular  ‘Make it Real’ podcast, her book and engaging posts and videos on LinkedIn.

 In 2021 Trisha published her first book - ‘The Mystery of the Squashed Self’. True to form the book brings the challenges of 8 fictional, but reality based, business owners to life. The common link being ‘self-squashing’.  Trisha took her own advice when deciding to write a business book that didn’t follow the standard style!  

 In 2022 Trisha proudly stood on the iconic red spot as a TEDx Northwich speaker with her talk entitled ‘Beware the Self Squashing Prophecy’.

 Trisha lives by the seaside on the south coast of the UK with her husband. She is a child of the 50s, youth of the 70’s, Graduate of the 2000’s - and remains a creative and curious grandmother with no plans to retire. 

 You can find more of Trisha here: email:  

Main social media platform - LinkedIn - @TrishaLewisTalk

Trisha's TED talk: 

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