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Transform yourself! with Hulya Erdal - Mindful Meets #37

March 07, 2022 Lori
The Mindful Eating Clinic
Transform yourself! with Hulya Erdal - Mindful Meets #37
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Show Notes

Today I'm joined by a marvellous personality!  Hulya Erdal is a masterchef, transformation coach, teacher, writer, REBT (rational, emotional, behavioural) therapist and radio personality.  Her unique combination of cooking and coaching, has been created to guide mid-life women through a journey of self-discovery, “crushing old beliefs that no longer serve you, changing the way you see yourself to realise your true potential, and creating exciting new dreams and actions that become your recipe for life!”

We talk about how you can transform yourself by unlocking values and purpose.  We talk about how this relates to eating behaviour and how some simple reframing can make all the difference to our confidence about what is possible.

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